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Cocktails and Nightlife

The East shore of Kauai has a vibrant nightlife scene.  Below are brief descriptions of nearby bars and restaurants that serve alcohol.  Street Burger, Lava Lava Beach Club, Johnny's Wingz N Tingz, BV Bar and Hukilau Lanai  are all within walking distance of Wailua Bay View. 

Many bars and restaurant in the Kapa'a and Lihue areas have live music.   Lava Lava Beach Club has live music seven days per week - with afternoon and evening performers most nights.  Paniolo Santa Maria BBQ in old Kapa'a town is currently the best place for full band live music on the East side. Paniola doesnt sell alcohol but you can bring your own.  Recently opened Johnny's Wingz N Tingz also has full band live acts some evenings. 

Lava Lava Beach Club - 0.3 Miles Away

Lava Lava Beach Club is one of the most popular restaurant / bars on the east shore.  It's known for its on-the-beach location.   Lava Lava has a large full-service rectangular bar with HD Flat Screen TVs overhead.  They also have outside tables near the beach.  Lava Lava has a contemporary indoor design with high ceilings and large glass garage doors open to the ocean.  Lava Lava has live music seven days per week.     For more information, see the Lava Lava Beach Club listing under Restaurants.

BV Bar - 0.3 Miles Away

BV Bar is a small local sports bar in the Coconut Marketplace. The owners of Bobby V's added BV's bar next to the restaurant.   They are open daily from 11 am to 9 pm.  They have a full bar and large beer and wine selection.  Food can be ordered from Bobby V's menu.  Sporting events are shown on two TVs. They have the NFL Sunday Ticket and open at 7 am for the games on NFL Sundays.  BV Bar is popular with local residents.  You may find Bobby sitting on the bar stool next to you.  This is a great place to cool off on hot days.

Johnny's Wingz N Tingz is a sports bar next to the Coconut Marketplace near Lava Lava Beach Clus.   They have a full bar.  They are open for lunch and dinner every night except Wednesday.  Johnny's Wingz 'N Tingz is open later than most nearby bars - until midnight on weekends.

Street Burger - 0.1 Miles Away

Street Burger is an high end burger restaurant across the street. They offer handcrafted, locally-sourced burgers, handcut fries.  They have a large selection of  local and craft beers on tap and have an extensive wine list but not a full bar.  

Duke's Barefoot Bar - 7.3 Miles Away

Duke’s Barefoot Bar is a fun bar on the lower level of Duke’s Canoe Club in Lihue.  This is a great spot for lunch.  They have great fish taco special on Tuesdays (4 pm – 6 pm).  They often have live Hawaiian music.  Duke's Hula Pie is available in the restaurant or the bar.  It's a great treat to share with the table.

Olympic Cafe - 2.2 Miles Away

Olympic Cafe in old Kapa'a town is a comfortable, casual restaurant/bar.  Go upstairs to the entrance.  You can grab a drink with the locals sitting at the small corner bar.  Or get a table along the rail to watch the activity in Kapa’a below.  Olympic Cafe is known for a lively bar scene at night.  They have surfing and other sports on TVs.  This is a good spot for breakfast or lunch too.

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