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Groceries and Shopping

About one mile north of Wailau Bay View are a Safeway, Long's Drugs (CVS), and Papaya Natural Foods.   Safeway and Longs Drugs carry most items you can purchase on the mainland.

Local Shopping Map V2.JPG.png

Longs Drugs is a large new pharmacy just north of the Coconut Marketplace.  Longs Drugs is associated with CVS and accepts CVS membership cards.  They have some groceries and a large selection of liquor.


Island Country Markets is within walking distance at the Coconut Marketplace.  Island Country Markets has many groceries, a cafe, coffee bar, gelato bar and a full alcohol section.  It is a new ABC concept store.

Just north of the Safeway complex on the left hand side of Kuhio highway is a health food store called Papaya's Natural Foods and Cafe.   They have a great selection even if you don't often eat health food.  For more information check out their web site:  


Walmart and Costco stores are about 15 minutes away in Lihue.  In a pinch, the Shell station next to Wailua Bay View stocks some basic groceries and alcohol.  

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